This hunky chef wants to feed you some chicken, hot off the bone. You in?
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Feed me, Franco!

Say hello to Franco Noriega, y'all. He's a retired fashion model and former Macy’s creative director. When he was done with the fashion world, he turned his sights on his true passion: food. The ridiculously handsome restaurateur recently opened his first restaurant, called Baby Brasa, in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The eatery serves up some delicious Peruvian chicken, among many other mouthwatering things. So we stopped by to snap some sizzling photos and coerce Franco into helping us help you figure out:

What Type Of Delicious Chicken Should He Feed You?

Oop, wait a sec — you've got some drool on your chin. Actually, maybe you should just grab a napkin (or Kleenex)... this could get messy.

Yours in thirst,
Kevin (@officialkls)

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