You can't eat another bite. But then you spot someone as hot as William across the table...
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So hungry

Shiro Nosov

Hi, William. It's me.

We didn't get to talk much last night at dinner. You ended up at one end of the table, next to Cindy. I ended up all the way at that other end, next to Steve.

Steve doesn't have what you have — not that flip in your hair, or that easy smile. It was supposed to be you and me, making conversation, and maybe even something more? I would've given anything to sit next to you, to be the sweet potato to your turkey gravy. I wanted to look deep into your eyes and ask, "Think you need another round of stuffing, William?" I wanted to see how you handled that drumstick of yours. I wanted to see the way you tucked into your apple pie, and licked every last bite of cinnamon off your lips. I wanted to grab that wishbone and hope that whatever wish you had involved me.

But I didn't, William, and I couldn't. I spent the night talking to Steve. Ugh, Steve! I totally missed my chance.

And then I woke up this morning, and I realized something: It's Black Friday, William. And if you want, just for you, my pants can be half off :-)

That is all,

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