Our good friend Liam Hemsworth is here, and he's showing off his best look.
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Hello, Liam.

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21 reasons Liam Hemsworth should always be shirtless:

1. He looks daaaamn good. Obviously.
2. Like, it's a gift to the universe.
3. No seriously, it's goddamn perfection and such beauty should never be hidden.
4. It would make red carpets much more interesting.
5. And improve the ~quality~ of any movie he was in by about 600%.
6. It would make literally every activity sexy.
7. Doing the washing up? Sexy.
8. Mowing the lawn? SEXY.
9. Walking the dogs? SEXY AS ALL HELL.
10. He'd never have to worry about getting his shirts dirty.
11. He could totally start a new trend. And pass it on to his brother Chris.
12. He would set a world record and go down in history.
13. He might get cold sometimes and would need someone to cuddle up to.
13. Did I mention it's just so hot?
14. Like, look at those arms.
15. And that torso.
16. And those shoulders.
17. Aaaaand those pecs.
18. He's not too big and not too small. Just right.
19. Also it would speed up the whole process of getting all his clothes off.
20. Which would definitely come in handy... for showering. Yeah... showering.
21. And everyone would be so distracted by his glorious physique, it'd probably achieve world peace.

Yours in thirst,                                                                               Jenna (@JennaGuillaume)

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