Jhanelle's never done anything quite like this before — who knew baking cookies could be so hard?
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Don't eat that!

Just because Jhanelle is gluten intolerant doesn't mean he can't whip up a mean batch of his mom's famous extra-chewy brown butter 'n' molasses gingersnaps this Christmas. The real problem: He's never actually baked cookies before. Usually his mom takes care of everything, but this year she and her book club friends decided to YOLO their way down to Miami for a weekend of no responsibilities — and no consequences. Jhanelle and his dad weren't quite sure what that last part meant when Mom was explaining things, but it seemed like a minor detail at the time. More pressing is the fact that Jhanelle has only three hours left to crank out 13 dozen gingersnaps for the annual Christmas eve cookie swap at church. Needless to say, he's starting to get a little nervous. And if there's one thing you should know about Jhanelle, it's that when he gets nervous, he gets naked. This is not looking good.

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