Kevin likes his long johns like he likes his, um... Wait, what were we talking about?
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Are lumbersexuals still a thing? Is Kevin a lumbersexual? Maybe if he grew out his beard. And chest hair. And other stuff. Maybe. Whatever. In the meantime, Kevin is really just here to milk long underwear season for all it's worth. (He'll probably milk other things, too, if you just ask.) But please don't actually ask Kevin about his love of thermal undies — he's weirdly obsessed and won't stop talking about them. The slow, sensuous slide as he pushes his toes through the cloth, ever warm and tight and soft. The way the wool eventually works its way around the contours of his ass, clinging to his cheeks as only a well-made long john or lover truly can. The sweet friction of fabric rubbing up and around and against and between his thick, meaty thighs. These thoughts send shivers of pure pleasure straight down Kevin's spine. It's no wonder he had to unbutton his shirt. Now let's just hope he can keep his underwear on.

Yours in thirst,
Lincoln (@marytodd_)

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