Actually, quite a lot. Because Dr. Mike has a lot going on — in his scrubs and out of them. *collapses*
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*cough* *cough* I'm sick

Hello there. Meet Doctor Mike. When he’s not busy saving people’s lives, he can be found playing with his adorable dog, schooling opponents in tennis, or working on those bulging biceps in the gym. Or, you know, posing on various cars and balconies like the Adonis he is.

What’s that? You have a cold and chills? Don’t worry — Doctor Mike can heat you up real quick. Get you hot, even. Oh shoot, now you have a fever? Tough. Embrace the burn. Things get heated around Doctor Mike. (Although, he’s so talented, there's no doubt he could also cure that fever.)

Now, let’s be civil about this. No need to break an arm or make yourself sick to feel his warm touch take your vitals — he’d be perfectly happy to give you a check-up and make sure you’re in good health ~all over~. But just remember: You can look, but don’t presume to touch. (Unless he offers you a physical and you do get to touch/turn your head and cough, in which case please report back with details. Our lives depend on it.)

Yours in thirst,
Matt (@jmatthiasford)

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