Charlie's ruined all his clothes and he desperately needs your help. Please?
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Hi, Charlie!!

It’s 8 AM and you’re in the kitchen making coffee. Just as you’re about to quench your thirst, your phone begins to vibrate. It’s your sexy upstairs neighbor, Charlie.

“Hello? Is everything OK?” you ask nervously.

His voice is soft, but urgent, like the sound of a gentle prairie wind.

“Can you come up real quick? I need your help.”

You run upstairs and only knock twice, because a third time is just desperate. Once the door opens, you realize that coffee isn’t the only thing that’ll quench your thirst that morning.

“Sorry if I’m a bit exposed,” he says with one hand grazing his abs. “I’m late for a business meeting but I ruined all my clothes!”

He then spreads out on the washer, and asks if you can help him “rub out” the mysterious stains.

“I mean, maybe you should just go in those undies,” you say while rubbing vigorously. “They look business-ready to me.”

He glances at you with a smile and then pulls you in closer.

“Then maybe we should get down to business.”

Yours in thirst,
Pablo (@PabloValdivia)

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