Fernando's stirring up all sorts of drama up in here. Omg what will happen next?!?!
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Oh, Fernando


Grab a towel because Fernando isn’t the only one who’s wet around here. This man is a telenovela prince who will have you moaning in languages you didn’t even know you knew. Fernando Colunga — or “daddy” for short — has caused novela-watching moms to fan themselves for the past two decades and now it’s your turn to take in every inch of that drippin’ bod.

He’s obviously very dramatic on-screen, but once you see what’s under that towel, you’ll be the one screaming “FernandOH MY GOD TAKE ME!” Just give him a call because, if you’re lucky, he’ll make more than your phone vibrate in all the right ways.

Wait, actually, is that a phone in your pocket— or are you just happy to see this? 😏

Yours in thirst,
Pablo (@PabloValdivia)

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