Or not. It all just depends on how sloppy you like your spaghetti.
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Yaaass slurp it up

James knows that meatballs weird you out. That's why he's whipping up his great-grandmother's signature spaghetti bolognese for you instead. Much like James, this recipe is hot, saucy, and a little bit sloppy — but in the best way possible. And it always hits the spot (yeah, you know the one). You imagine slurping it up Lady and the Tramp-style, a single noodle strung between yours and James' tightly pursed lips, both your blouses flecked with far-flung bits of meat and cheese. The moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie and you tremble as the noodle reels you in closer together, your faces pulled provocatively close. But then you jerk and suddenly bite down (how many times have guys told you not to use your teeth!) and the magic moment is broken, the spaghetti flopping sad and flaccid down James' handsome chin. You blush and shake your head, but he smiles, taking your hand in his: "What's up, babe?" You realize you're not in fact starring in Disney's beloved 1955 animated musical dog-on-dog rom-com, but just standing here in the kitchen, eager and ready to go down on James' big bowl of bolognese. And that's when the best part hits you: Unlike those soon-to-be-cooked noodles on the stove, James will never, ever go limp on you. Bon(e) app├ętit, indeed!

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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