We've got a Deutsch dude in the house, y'all, and you know what they say about German guys...
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Today's Dude Ben Melzer

1. He loves his mom and brings her to interviews.
2. He wears nerdy glasses when he's not being a model.
3. His ultimate dream is to be in a Calvin Klein commercial.
4. Well, that and to be Brad Pitt.
5. He sells kitchen appliances when he's not modeling.
6. He had no idea he would someday grow up to be so hot.
7. He used to have "beautiful breasts," he says, but they didn't feel like they belonged to him.
8. He got together with his girlfriend a month after his first testosterone shot.
9. He's not afraid to come out as trans to people he feels comfortable with.
10. He's the first trans man to grace the cover of Men's Health in Germany!

Keep up the good work, Ben!

Yours in thirst,
Meredith (@1demerith)

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