Who's that across the way? Just your hunky neighbor hanging out in his tiny, tiny briefs.
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Ruff morning

When you got the keys to your new place, you weren’t so sure about it, and moving all your stuff had you stressed AF. But then, in the morning, you flung your curtains wide and saw Andrew staring back at you. His muscles were casually flexing, and his briefs were almost nonexistent under the strain of his bulge. The only thing better than Andrew hanging out of his window in nothing but a pair of bulging briefs? The furry pooch perched next to him. Because let’s be honest — what’s hotter than a man with a dog? Now you don’t really mind getting up so early in your new home, because you know you have a better wake-up call than anybody else in the building.

Yours in thirst,
Ben (@NotAgainBen)

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