Especially when it comes to #BigGuyTwitter, because there is a *lot* to love up in here.
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Hiiiii Kevin

ICYMI, citizens of the Twittersphere have been celebrating a very important hot dude demographic for the past couple of days: #BigGuyTwitter

Yes, it's just as glorious as it sounds: a bunch of big, tall, beautiful men tumbling through your timeline. They're offering so much more to love in all the right ways — because, in this case, maybe bigger really is better.

Exhibits A and B: Seun (left) and Kevin (right) rockin' their big guy bodies in all the right ways.

So, today, we give thanks for hot guys and hot hashtags, because #BigGuyTwitter has us feeling truly, deeply #blessed.
🙏 💦 🙏

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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