Jacob's got a big interview coming up and there's a lot ~riding on it~. Now, what to wear?
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Heyyyyyy Jacob

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. It may be the end of the work week for most of you but, for Jacob, things are just beginning. He's got a big interview today, and is having a difficult time deciding what to wear. So far, he's decided on tighty whiteys. But after that, it's a free for all. Should he wear a suit and be formal, or jeans and keep it casual? Does he need a tie? Just look at him sitting there, caught in deep thought, trying to figure out what to wear, because he really, really wants this job. But his struggle is our victory. Because we get to look at Jacob's...ugh...resumé. I mean, his credentials look AMAZING. He's really um, "packing" the right skill set for the job. So, good luck getting dressed, Jacob. We have a feeling you're going to ace this interview.

Yours in thirst,
Sam (@samstryker)

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