Don't speak German? Doesn't matter. Steven's eyes and beard and everything will do the talking.
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Yoooo, it's almost the weekend, and if ~the man~ is bringin' you down, I've got the ultimate dude to make you forget about all those times your boss signed off their emails with "Warm Regards" (like, ew, can u not??). Meet Steven Martin, aka Everyone’s Freakishly Perfect Bearded Dream Boyfriend, who is a plus-size model from Germany signed to East West Model Management. His perfect beard is already a piece of fucking fine art, but then he had to go and dress so goddamn well that it literally upsets me. Here are some modely pics for you to peruse at you leisure, you know, just in case. Also, he’s 6’1”, bye.

Yours in thirst,
Chrissy (@sweatmoustache)

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