These lads have some seriously luscious locks that you'll really want to run your hands through.
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Too adorable to handle

OK, we know they're both great — and always better together — but if you had to choose, which would it be: hot men or tiny dogs? Lucky for you, Lasse, actual Nordic god and all-round good guy, doesn’t want us to wear ourselves out trying to make those kinds of impossible decisions. That’s why he’s taken it upon himself to carry his own tiny dog around with him at all times. Meet Junior, the tasty side dish to Lasse’s muscular frame. Striding from chiselled mountains to deep, thirst-quenching fjords, these two are united in their quest to bring the joy of adorable men AND adorable dogs to those in need. His long golden locks are soft and strokable. His piercing eyes will stare straight into your soul. He has a tongue that just won’t quit. Oh, and the dog’s not too bad either. ;)

Yours in thirst,
Emma (@PetiteBlondine)

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