There's nothing worse than a man in a kilt. Like, how does everything, um, work down there?
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Can't look away

Urgh, Scottish kilts are just the worst, aren’t they? Bulging sporrans? No thanks. Firm, muscled calves peeking out above Highland boots? Whatever. Shirtless, toned guys in kilts throwing cabers around a majestic glen, pausing occasionally to wipe the sweat from their tousled brows…um, hang on a minute — they’re actually the greatest thing since sliced haggis, aren’t they? My bad. So here you go: Please enjoy these 22 deeply hot Scottish guys that really know how to put on (and pull off) a kilt like no one else on Earth. God bless Scotland.

Yours in thirst,
Hilary (@Hilary_W)

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