Antonio? Liam? Cameron? Jamie? Joe? It's up to you to decide — good luck!
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Omg take me now

Bora Balbey

OMG, Antonio, hi. What nice eyes you have. Arms, too. Also, um, dem lips. And hips. And those big ol' juicy nips. Gotdamn. But we know better than to jump right into/onto your whole steamy situation so soon, because D.A.D. likes to take things slow. And, like, looks can be deceiving. This quiz really pounds that point home — and not in a good way:

🎲 💦 🎲 💦 🎲 💦

Can You Guess Which Of These Guys Is Good In Bed?

🎲 💦 🎲 💦 🎲 💦

Choose wisely!

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

P.S. Antonio, babe, please know that no matter what happens, we'll still always love (looking at) you!! 😘

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