Paul's bending over this fence in search of his missing keys and he could really use some help.
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Keep up the good work, Paul!

Guys, it's Friday, which is normally really exciting. But we've got a HUGE problem on our hands. Paul's missing something. I mean, from this angle, it looks like he has everything and THEN SOME, but this is a serious situation. Paul lost his car keys, and if he doesn't find them soon, he's going to be late for work. So we should probably help out and look for them too, right? Now, don't get distracted — sure, those thick thighs could save lives and that butt could easily double as a shelf for all those books you don't read, but this is simply not the time for that! Never mind those massive biceps that want to pin you down and those hulking Olympian shoulders that'll carry you right to the shower to rinse off afterwards. This is IMPORTANT, y'all. We need to FIND👏THOSE👏KEYS👏. Whew, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. On second thought, Paul, maybe you just want to work from home today? Then you don't have to worry about finding those pesky keys or putting on any clothes. Sound good? Great.

Yours in thirst,
Sam (@samstryker)

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