Ken forgot about Father's Day and he's feeling really rather glum. But there's good news!
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Quick check: Y'all called your dads on Father's Day yesterday, right? Because Ken did not and he's really kicking himself for it right now. Granted, he's got more than a few men listed as "Daddy" in his phonebook, so the lapse is understandable. Seriously, just think about all the different types of daddies a person can have these days: big daddies, baby daddies, cat daddies, sugar daddies, mack daddies, puff daddies, crawdaddies— the list goes on. There's really no dearth of daddies to choose from in 2016. Which makes it all the more ridiculous that we only take day out of the year to show them our love, right? Given all they do for/to us, our daddies deserve so much more. Did you hear that, Ken? Hallmark holidays (and clothes) be damned — you just gotta get out there and live *this* day like it's your dads'! Because any day can be daddy's day if you try hard enough­čśĆ 

Yours in thirst,

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