Short, thick, and chunky is *in*, y'all — at least when it comes to summer swim trunks.
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Lookin, GOOD!

Beach season is officially upon us, y'all, and the age-old adage holds true: Sky's out, thighs out. Yeah, we're talkin' to you, dudes — knee-length ain't happenin' anymore. It's time to gird your loins and just show us some goddamn leg already. Tight trunks, short shorts, shorter shorts, Speedos, and beyond — we wanna see what you're workin' with! Don't think your swimwear's up to snuff? Don't worry, this handy guide will help:

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15 Swim Trunks That Will Make Guys Want To Drop Their Pants 

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So, yeah, you're welcome.

Happy splashing,
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