...if you wanna reach me. Because apparently phones are good for so much more than just talking.
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Pick up the phone already!

There's been a lot of talk going around lately about the piping-hot drama spewing forth over a shady phone call between some very high-profile persons. Whether or not you actually care about any of that celebrity nonsense, here's one thing we can all agree on: Phones are, like, so important. How else would today's hunk Hamington have his daily two-hour check-ins with his mom? How else would Kanye run controversial lyrics by sweet, sweet Taylor "Shade Lord" Swift? How else would Kim then Snap out footage of said call for the whole world to see+seethe over?!


Weary shrug indeed. Today, maybe let's just start small and follow Hamington's lead — set aside a few minutes to dial up someone you care about! It doesn't matter whom, or even what y'all talk about. Just say hi, chit the chat, shoot the shit, spill some tea. Ooh! And an added bonus that Ham's actually just reminding us of: Phone calls are always ~clothing optional~.

Call me,
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