This isn't the kind of love bite Gilbert wanted to wake up to. But now he has to find a remedy — and fast.
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Ouch, it hurts!

Uh oh. Gilbert's got an itch that he really needs to scratch — but he's not so sure he should. A few dozen bumps and bites and bruises were to be expected after the wild night he and Kennedi had, but this thing on his calf comes as somewhat of a surprise. Is it a flare-up of that funky stuff he came down with in the Pines last summer? Oh god. Or maybe he just scraped it on the new stonework in the den. Gilbert did spend an inordinate amount of time on his knees there last night. Perhaps it's from the barbed anklets he was wearing, or Kennedi just got a little carried away with her teeth again. When did she say her braces were coming off? Hopefully soon.

Hold up — what's that sound? *vigorously swats at ear* Aha! It was just a measly mosquito bite all along! Now Gilbert just has to lube this bad boy up with some calamine lotion and he'll be ready for round 10 with Kenn'.

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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