Free the nip, y'all! It's what Ryan (and America would want). *tiny moan*
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Hi, Hard Cider! was your Fourth?? D.A.D. took Independence Day (and other stuff) off yesterday, and still hasn't quite recovered from all the festivities. Like, right now, Ryan's perky, patriotic nips are basically the only thing keeping us going. Because let's be honest: There's really no better way to celebrate the Land of the Free than with muscle tanks and muscle men, free-flowing booze, flags, fireworks, and fresh-grilled/grabbed meat melting in your mouth. *tiny moan* It's the goddamn American wetdream, y'all. So while we sit here and reminisce about rockets' red glares and bombs (or whatever) ~bursting~ in air, here's hoping your fifth of July is off to a truly terrific, titillating start.

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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