You've given us some true beauts (hey Daddy Trudeau!), but A.J. really takes the cake.
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Heyyyyyy, A.J.

♪ O Canada ♪ Drake. Bieber. Gosling. Even their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is daddy AF. How can a land so chilly produce such hotties you ask? I don't know, I'm not a scientist. But let's discuss the scientific perfection that is A.J. Saudin, eh?. A.J. Saudin was that cute kid on Degrassi who aged to perfection like a cheese. A hot cheese. Did I mention he's hot? He gives those smoldering lewks that could burn a hole straight through your heart/pants. Like, please be careful where you look at pictures of him because you'll have to excuse yourself or maybe even extradite yourself back to your own country.

On a semi-related note, A.J. almost makes me feel like it will be OK when we all eventually have to move to Canada after this year's election...

💃 💦 🇨🇦 💃 💦 🇨🇦

Yours in thirst,
Tabir (@tabir)

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