It doesn't matter what you put in your fanny pack, so long as it's bulging big with summer fun. :)
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Lookin' good, James!

Sun's out, sack's out — amirite, y'all? Hell yeah. That's how James is celebrating summer today and we couldn't be more onboard. Because whether you call it a belly bag, rump clutch, butt lug, or dumper duffel, we can all agree that the fanny pack is one of the greatest ever ass-adjacent inventions known to man. What other stylish accessory simultaneously accentuates your hips and your humps, all while serving as a handy receptacle for whatever toys and trinkets you want to carry with you for the day? Yeah, no sack will ever treat you as well as a fanny pack will. Go ahead, stuff it with whatever you want — heat or meat or peat or Fleet — this is one fanny that can take it all.

Lincoln (@marytodd_)

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