Isn't it about time you found out which big, juicy butt you actually belong with? Let's go.
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Yaaaaaaass butts!

We just can't quit this summer crack craving, y'all! No matter where we turn or what we do to distract ourselves, we've always got hiney on the mind — and it's starting to become a problem. It's like Little Orphan Amanda/Mary-Kate Olsen described in the critically acclaimed romcom masterpiece It Takes Two: We've got that "can't-eat, can't-sleep, reach-for-the-[arse], over-the-[pants], World Series kind of [ass obsession]" going on, and it's totally taking over our lives. Luckily, the perfect solution looms/jiggles on the horizon: a BuzzFeed quiz. This one will finally reveal...

🍑 ☀️ 🍑
Which Summer Butt Is Actually Your Soulmate?
☀️ 🍑 ☀️

*sigh/squirt of relief* See, doesn't that feel better? To know which butt you belong with and can devote all of your undying attention and drool to? Yes. Yes it does.

You're welcome,
Dude A Day

Wait, who does that dripping derrière belong to? Cast your eyes on Carlos, y'all. 👀 

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