We've got a bubble-butted swimmerman in the house to teach us so much about...everything.
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Heyyyyyyy Florent!

Meat — sorry, meetFlorent. He's one of the fastest men in the world, but only when he's wet. Nope, get your mind out of the gutters, people! What I mean is that he's a swimmer, and a damn fast one at that. He's on the French Olympic team, and if you can't tell, he looks good from EVERY angle — front and back. You see, versatility is key, whether you're at the very top of your game like Florent or just starting from the ~bottom~. But the real question is, can you handle all six feet six inches of this flawless French coq au vin man meat? Because as you can tell, Florent is in dire need of a massage, and you look like just the person to do it. So go ahead and grab his baguette. You know you want to. Oui oui!

Yours in thirst,
Sam (@samstryker)

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