We've spotted a real, live zaddy in the wild! (Or, actually, in a CrossFit gym, but same difference.)
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Dan more like Zan

Y'all are familiar with the Legend of Zaddy, right? Some say he originated in the comments of a super 🔥  Zayn Malik 'gram. Others claim he's been with us since the dawn of time, flaunting and flexing his pure zaddy goodness wherever hot dads are found — in dark woods, well-lit wealth management offices, laundromats, daycares, grocery stores, and literally anywhere CrossFit memberships are sold. But no matter where you spot a zaddy in the wild, the same principle holds true: On sight, you must immediately get on your knees, bow down, and proclaim, "Zamn, zaddy!" (Don't ask why — this is just how legends work.)

And such is the case for today's zad, Dan Wells, featured on the right. In addition to being a smokin'-hot zaddy and actual dad (42-year-old father of three!), Dan has an inspirational ~transformation story~ to share, which you can read about here. Tbh, though, we're satisfied just looking at him. *thick glob of drool oozes down chin*

So...yeah. That's probably enough from us for today.

In zaddies we trust,
Dude A Day

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