You're carrying way too much stress and regret on your shoulders, ok. It's time to blow that load.
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Cobalto FTW!

Up and at 'em, people! So what if you made some regrettable choices this weekend — it's just like the old saying goes: New day/week/month, new you! And New You doesn't have time to sit around mulling over your past mistakes (like why you drunkenly bid on this very expensive set of antique Louis Vuitton trunks). Because New You has read Atlas Shrugged and knows you need not carry the weight of the world (or that literal [also very expensive] globe) on your musclebound shoulders. New You will do as Ayn Rand and/or any blonde pop star would and simply shrug/shake it off! Got that? Good. Now go forth and prosper. And put some goddamn clothes on, too.

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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