Bibbi's straddling a massive branch, but we actually think he can take the whole thing.
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How'd he fit that between his legs?

Is tree climbing an Olympic sport yet? Because Bibbi has been working so hard at honing his arboreal acrobatics — it would be a shame for all those skills to go to waste! Just look at the ease with which he fit that bough between his legs. Few men can take a trunk that big (trust us: We've, um, done the research). Bibbi has spent hours limbering up to mount all sorts of lumber. Any shape, size, color, or girth you can think of — Bibbi's straddled it. He blanches at no branch; whether it's a shower or a grower or big enough to 'bout near bowl him over, Bibbi need only take a few deep breaths to stretch out his body and mind and just go for it. Because once you get the first few inches under your feet/cheeks, the rest is easy ;)

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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