Jordan seems to be struggling to get his singlet off. Maybe he needs a helping hand?
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You go, Jordan. YES.

Y'all are familiar with the wrestling singlet, right? That slinky smear of spandex clinging to all-star US freestyle wrestler Jordan Burroughs' burgeoning man-bits? Yeah, the singlet is by far the greatest thing to happen to Olympic menswear since, like, the Speedo — which is fitting, because Jordan Burroughs is the best thing to happen to Olympic wrestling since, well, ever. Whether he's throwing, pinning, exposing, or reversing his opponent, Burroughs executes his takedowns with confidence and power — something we're definitely interested in experiencing on or off the mats. Because who doesn't love a man who really knows how to take control? *excited jiggle* Okay, now just let us slink into a singlet and put our mouthguards in and we'll be ~ready to rumble~.

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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