Don't worry, you'll be fine. Just sink into Fitz's beautiful smize and don't look back.
BuzzFeed Dude A Day
Get it, Fitz!

Fitz has always had an eye for beautiful things. But sometimes that eye lingers... like, right now, for instance — Fitz physically just can't look away from you. You don't mind, though, right? Good. Because Fitz could go on lookin' at you for minutes, hours — days even. You'll find yourself staring back, time slipping through your fingers like sand as you sink ever deeper into his lovely, luscious, dark-brown eye holes. *contented gurgle* And then you'll emerge drooling and disoriented, wondering what happened, where your week went, how one man can possibly be so damn beautiful. Unfortunately, we can't really help you with any of that, because we've had our gaze fixed on Fitz, too, and we don't plan on looking away any time soon.

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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