All it takes is the right pair of underwear! And we've got a handy guide for every guy.
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What to wear

Okay, we know what you're all wondering: What in the world is lurking beaneath Logan's super-short lil' jorts? Boxers? Briefs? A jockstrap? Or a combination of all three? Inquiring eyes want to know! — because a man's drawers really do reveal a lot about him. Which brings us to a very important guide...


The 10 Types Of Underwear Every Guy Should Own

Whether you're looking for comfort, color, seduction, or little more than a g-string, this is the definitive answer to spicing up your (or your man's) skivvies. From budget buys to sexy splurges, we're here to help you keep your man-bits bundled up in style. 

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