What's in a name? That which we call a Steele Johnson, because this guy is all rock-hard Olympic muscle.
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Heyyyyy, Steele. Lookin' good

Streeter Lecka / Getty

Not all dude names are created equal and, well, this guy's might just take the cake. Introducing: US Olympic diver Steele Johnson. Yes, really. You can't make this shit up. Another thing you can't make up: Steele's super-fresh silver medal in synchronized 10-meter platform diving. Which actually begs the question: Would a dude by any other name really smell/excel as sweet? Would he, Shakespeare? We're not so sure. Because with a great name comes great responsibility — and Steele Johnson is totally out here killin' it. So here's to you, boo: Keep on slayin' on, sweet Steele! 😚 💦

Yours in thirst,
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