This guy's got a big sabre — and he certainly knows how to use it.
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Please be careful with that thing!

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is the one and only Daryl D. Homer. I don’t need to tell you what the D stands for, do I? Let's just say Daryl's got a big sabre and he certainly knows how to use it. Last week he won silver for men’s sabre, the first American to do so since 1984. And another impressive accomplishment: those lips. Like, they might as well be carved by Pygmalion himself.

But it’s not just his lips and the fact that you know he could stick it to you and you would love every second of it — no, it’s that Daryl's the kind of man who can do both. He's got a mouth that would leave you in toe-curling bliss, but also charm your parents with ease. Daryl’s muscular arms could lift you up to pin you sweaty, grinning, and groaning against a wall, but also hold you gently as you drift off to sleep.

Yes, stronger than Hercules, softer than velvet, Daryl D. Homer is truly the man who can do both.

Yours in thirst,
Claire (@foryourclairification)

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