With so many men competing for our eyeballs and ovaries, some days you have to pick just one.
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Omg, so much has happened since the last time we talked. The Olympics actually started — and the Opening Ceremony was an absolute field day for thirst. Everyone fell in love with this professional-model-cum-super-chill-tricyclist. People couldn't get enough of New Zealand's flamin' hot flag-bearing dream team duo. And then all the world's tongues/panties hit the floor when Tonga's otherworldly-hot oiled-up emissary entered the arena. Like, just, how?! Also, unrelated: yesterday, Justin Trudeau crashed a wedding while shirtless? Whew. Yeah, the past few days have done a real number on our nerves and netherbits.

So, today, we're just going to let Arthur Nory Oyakawa Mariano take the wheel. This 22-year-old Brazilian gymnast from São Paulo certainly seems to know what he's doing with those arms and abs and eyes and smize and, well, just his everything. Don't believe us? Shut up and listen to him speak Portuguese for nine seconds. Yeah, uau is right. God bless Brazil 🙏 🙌 💦

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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