We've got a gaggle of very good-looking water polo players right here, y'all. You've been warned.
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What do you get when you put a group of burly men wearing one-size-too-small Speedos in a pool with a ball and a bunch of testosterone and aggression? One of the most wonderful sports of the Olympic games: water polo. And let me be the one to tell you — Team USA is really, really hot. Now, because this is BuzzFeed and we investigate things, I spent a few hours doing a deep dive into Team USA. Annnnnnd my work proved pretty conclusive: Team USA is, in fact, the hottest water polo team of them all. These guys are *thick*. Bearded. Dad AF. They celebrate together totally uninhibited in their sweet, sweet, tight little suits. They'll make you moan and say words like "eesh" — in a good way. Still not convinced? You can find my full research here. Maybe you'll even be inspired to do some further investigating of your own.

Yours in thirst,
Matt (@mattstopera)

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