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Omg. It's beautiful.

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We've got bad news and we've got good news, y'all. First up: the good — men's beach volleyball finals are today! The bad: Our main man Alex Ranghieri will not be featured in any of the matches :-/ But just because he didn't make it to the quarterfinals doesn't mean we can't still admire (and moan over) this beyond-perfect, panty-dropping hot Italian prince. Seriously, just look at him — those arms, those abs, that head of hair and fuzzy lil' happy trail! And, my god, that strong, slick, seductive slab of tongue. *licks lips* Now, we don't know much about beach volleyball, but we're pretty sure the tongue plays a very important part in the game. Right? Like, just imagine all the places Alex could pass, spike, serve, and attack with that tongue. *(w)hole-body quiver* Imagine it going set after set, in and out of bounds, giving extra spin, taking unexpected dirty digs... yowza, how we'd loved to get licked by Alex — on or off the court. So here's to seeing all sorts of titillating volleyball action going down today. Yay sports!

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