We're lookin' down on a lot of luscious lumps right here, because fresh perspectives are fantastic!
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Hi, Aaron!

Chin up, chaps and chalices — new week, new you! Today, we're all about facing life with a fresh perspective, just like Aaron here. See, usually our dapper adonis dashes downtown dressed entirely to the nines, but today he's decided to take a page from Fifth Harmony's book and work from home. And this whole unbottoned, bare-backed approach is really working wonders on Aaron's productivity. His head is clearer, his stress levels are down, and he's finally getting to upload all those photos from his trip to Tampa in May. Sounds great, huh? But now, what can you do to freshen up your perspective? If you're sitting at your desk, try standing up! At a standing desk? Twirl! Reading this in a bathroom stall? Get outta there, you filthy animal! But yeah — however you decide to mix things up this week, just remember to keep it fresh out there, y'all! 😚

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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