Vincenzo's skinny dipping like a real pro — slow, steady, and in skinny jeans.
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This is skinny dipping like you've never seen it before, y'all — in skinny jeans. Yeah. Skeptical? We were too... until we saw how that denim clung to Vincenzo's every last curve and crevice. And then there was really no looking back — or away. Because with temps suddenly sinking, it's simply not safe to go swimming in your standard skimpy lil' summer suits! Skinny jeans provide a very necessary layer of warmth and protection for your loins, which is something we care very deeply about here at D.A.D. So consider this your friendly seasonal skinny dipping PSA: If you must dip, please do so in denim. Thank you.

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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