Seth's starting to prune up, y'all — and not in a good way. Can someone help him?
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Get a good grip

Splish, splash
Seth was taking a bath
'long about a Wednesday night,

Just relaxin' in the tub,
Thinkin' everything was all right...

—when suddenly he realized that everything was not all right because
A) Nobody even takes baths anymore, and
B) Seth was splish-splashing not in a tub but this nice inflatable adult wading pool on somebody's rooftop, and
C) He had absolutely no idea how he'd gotten there.

And, seeing as Seth also couldn't figure out how to get down from the roof, he ended up spending the night in the pool. Which is why we find him standing here still now, almost 24 hours later, very sad and soggy and confused. So, for Seth's sake, we're putting out this desperate plea: If you've got an inflatable adult wading pool on your rooftop, could you kindly go up to check that Seth's not stranded there? His toes (and other stuff) are starting to get dangerously pruney.

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