Mike's the kind of guy who's not afraid to pick you up and put you places — but gently, of course.
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Talk Mikey to me.


Behold Mike Colter. Tender, gentle Mike Colter, who plays tender, gentle Luke Cage on Marvel's newest series, Jessica Jones. Look upon him with your own two eyes. Look into his two eyes, his own two beautiful, beautiful eyes. They are like pools of crushed velvet to roll around in, if that crushed velvet also smelled like Nutella and dreams come true. They are so gentle and tender. Just imagine how gentle and tender his hands must be. *shivers* He probably has very large hands, slightly callused because he clearly spends his spare time replanting deforested areas, gently carrying around so many fledgling trees and tenderly planting them in the ground. *wistful sigh*

A date with Mike would be the gentlest, tender-est date ever. You would talk about your feelings. He would be forthcoming with his thoughts and emotions, and not judge you for yours. You would feel warm and safe and cared for. You would know deep in your heart that you are not a piece of shit. Also, he's, um, definitely larger than you. Like, he could probably lift you onto various surfaces — tables or desks or against walls, even without super-strength — but gently, of course. Because Mike's nothing if not gentle — and so, so tender.

Yours in thirst,
Kaye (@ohkayewhatever)

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