Mike might be the filthiest man we've ever featured. Luckily, he's cleaning up just for you.
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Introducing: The dirtiest, rowdiest boy in town. That’s right, Mike Rowe is rolling through and he’s getting all muddy — just for you. Seriously, just look at this hot 'n' hunky piece of ass. He has that rough-around-the-edges, dirty, super-hot dad vibe going on. And it’s working for him...oh boyyyy, is it working for him.

I mean, this bad boy’s hard hat isn’t the only thing he’s got that’s hard...if ya know what I'm sayin'. *wink* Mikey boy has those sweet and soft baby blues, that tenacious spirit, and I bet those hands are calloused in all the right places...I can think of a couple of other “dirty jobs” he can do with them.

Nothing is too filthy for Mikey...so stay down and dirty, big boy. Who wants somebody clean-shaven when you can have a rough-and-tumble, muddied-up man like Mikey? You go, Rowe.

Yours in filth,
The Mike Rowe Sicko (@kaelinphoebe)

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