That's just how these guys like it...We're talking about their adorable cats, of course.
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Fierce, fluffy, meow

Y'all know about cat scarves, right? Hottest fashion accessory of 2016? Soft, fluffy, sometimes scratchy, but with a built-in purr-activated heating mechanism unlike anything else you've ever experienced? Cat scarves are all the rage right now in the hot guy community. Don't believe us? Just look at all these hot guys with their cats! OK, no, they're not all wearing them as scarves, but you get the point — cats make guys hotter. Exhibit A: Travis and Jacob here, working that mirror to find the fire-est selfie angle. This photo would be nothing without Jacob's casual, semi-startled cat scarf drape. Such grace. Such poise. Such paws. Me-ow! Nice work, team.

So, whether you're a hot guy yourself, or know one in need, do everyone a favor and go out there and get a goddamn cat scarf. You can thank us later. 😽

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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