That's where your jaw (and other stuff, maybe) is going to be after seeing McKinley Freeman.
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My eye-candy love affair with McKinley Freeman all started when I first saw his show on VH1. It's called "Hit the Floor" and I'll be damned if that's not exactly what my jaw did, too. At the time, I did not have an Instagram account, but his bedroom eyes and the ripple of effect of those abs quickly convinced me: I had to up my social game. OK, and maybe do some innocent photo stalking as well...

McKinley may play a professional basketball player on TV but he plays the role of my crush IRL. And that's what really matters.

His page lives up to all the lustworthiness my heart and loins desire. Here's hoping he can satisfy some of your needs as well. Enjoy! ;)

Yours in thirst,
April (@AprilBody)

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