Ryan's having a lot of fun with his ball this morning, but the good times won't last.
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Whatcha doin' with that ball?

It was a totally chill Tuesday morning, just like any other — you and Ryan were lounging around the living room in your skivvies, sipping tea and reading the Times-Picayunewhen Ryan abruptly got up, ran into the other room, and returned with this unwiedly leather lump. "Look what I found!" he said, spinning it on his finger and tossing it in the air, giggling and guffawing and prancing about. "It's my grandfather's old medicine ball — what a treat!" You're charmed, and smile as you take this photo, capturing an intimate moment between your boy and his ball. But then Ryan shouts "think fast!" and, the next thing you know, you're lying facedown on the hardwood, twitching in a puddle of your own blood. It turns out your hand–eye coordination still hasn't quite fully recovered from that traumatic Segway accident last fall, so you failed to catch the 30lb sack of leather tossed gently at your face — which promptly pulverized your nose, throwing you out of your chair and onto the floor, where you find yourself now. While this certainly isn't an ideal way to start your morning, you have to look on the bright side: Hopefully it's not the last time Ryan has you lying facedown today.

Yours in thirst,
Lincoln (@marytodd_)

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