Look at Frosty (and his hunky helper) go! But uh oh...is it getting hot in here?
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Snowing and ~blowing~

You feelin' alright there, Frosty? It looks like you might've had a little bit of a rough weekend like a lot of people out on the East Coast. But not all of us were lucky enough to have an upstanding stud like Nick come by to plow us (out). Sure, technically that's a shovel, but the point still stands: When you're taking an unexpectedly large number of inches, it's always nice to have a helping hunk on hand. Especially for someone like you, Frosty! Here's hoping Nick knows how to really get you to ~come to life~ so you can get back to your thumpety thump thump-ing around town. ;)

Yours in thirst,
Lincoln (@marytodd_)

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