To, wait, actually just the window. Kevin's trying to get away but he's kind of stuck.
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Wrong way, Kevin!

It's (almost) the freakin' weekend, baby, and Kevin's trying to get away. One problem: He recently lost the keys to his apartment, so this window has been the only way in and out of his house for the past five days. In an ideal situation, Kevin would be proactive and call his landlord or go to the locksmith or post up "Lost Keys, Pls Help!!!" flyers all over his neighborhood, but Kevin doesn't have time for that. His friend Trudy is having a going-away party downtown tonight (she finally got that teaching job in Ljubljana) and Kevin has to buy her a gift so he doesn't look like an asshole. Now, if only he can figure out how to get his leg up and over this ledge again, he'll be on his merry way.

Here's hoping you have a good weekend — and don't misplace your keys!

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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