We've got a hot vet on our hands, people. This is not a drill. Grab all the sick animals — go!
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omg cat daddy

Meet Dr. Evan Antin, a veterinarian and honestly the hottest person in the world probably. When he isn’t busy being very hot while saving your pet’s life — OH WAIT HE DOES THAT ALL THE TIME — he travels the world volunteering with creatures big and small. He’s also a former model and personal trainer, because duh.

Evan’s a cat person, but his all-time favorite animal is the crocodile, because “they’re basically living dinosaurs,” he tells BuzzFeed. He’s also worked with tortoises, elephants, porcupines, and so many other different animals. Also, check out his arms.

He may be saving animal lives, but he is slaying the rest of us. RIP everyone.

Yours in thirst,
Julia (@juliareinstein)

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