Oops — forgot a comma in there! Regardless, the point stands: Pedro really messed up today.
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Pedro pedro pedro

Come on, Pedrowe've been over this literally dozens of times: That's not how jackets work. The point is for it to actually cover your flesh bits and protect you from the elements and bird poop and/or our depraved and lecherous eyes. Whereas, right now, it's unclear what the hell you're actually accomplishing. Aren't you cold? Where's your shirt? Don't you feel vulnerable and raw and utterly exposed?

Although...on second thought, maybe this isn't such a bad look after all. Vulnerability is totally hot these days. Breaking the rules, too. It's 2k16 and anything goes. Goddammit, Pedro, you're an inspiration to us all!!! So go forth, friends — whether you’re rocking jorts or jeggings, mom jeans or joxers, today, don your denim like Pedro: with daring, panache, purposelessness, and pride.

Yours in thirst,
Dude A Day

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